Our Commitment

Reliable and Accurate Designs and Construction Drawings

Any successful project starts at the design stage. We know our clients only want to work with talented drafting technicians who can be depended upon to provide reliable, accurate services; that directly translate into easy to understandable and executable construction drawings. When designing a package, we always keep in mind operator friendliness and ensure the best layout possible.

3D Interactive PDF’s

An Example of the End Product

We also offer the client an interactive 3D drawing in which any PDF reader program can open. This gives the ability to freely rotate the package on both the X, Y and Z axis, zoom in, as well as remove any layers to see more details (such as building, vessel, skid, etc).

  • Interactive 3D PDF
  • Use in any Adobe PDF Viewer
  • Freely Rotate on all 3 Axis
  • Remove Layers
  • Change lighting
  • Make Transparent


Examples of the Drawings that we Provide

  • Every unit we manufacture is drafted in the latest version of AutoCAD and CADWorx. The drawings our clients may receive include:

Vessel Drawings

Vessel Drawing Picture

P&ID Drawings

PID Drawing Pic

Bill of Materials

BOM Drawing Picture

Line List Drawings

Line List Drawing – Pic 2

ISO Drawings

ISO Drawing Pic

Elevation Drawings

Elevation View Drawing

Plan Drawings

Plan View Drawing Pic2

End View Drawings

End View Drawing Pic

Spool Drawings

Spool Drawing Pic

Skid Drawings

Skid Drawing Pic

Building Drawings

Building Drawing Pic

Floor Sump Drawings (lf required)

Floor Sump Drawing Pic 1

Skid BOM Drawings

Skid Drawing BOM Pic

Accessories Drawings

Customer Request Items – Table

AutoCAD Drawings (If Requested)

AUtoCAD Screen Shot

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